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Problems when printing

The print job was sent, but not printed

  1. First you should check whether you have chosen the right printer. It happened that print jobs were printed off in other buildings ;-). If you cannot see any printer in the print menu of your program (Word, Adobe Acrobat etc.), please ask one of our advisors for help. Your account has to establish a connection to the network printers first.
  2. After that watch out for error messages of the printing system. If your print job was not able to be printed you'll see a message explaining what went wrong (the document has the wrong format or you do not have enough debit on your print account etc.).
  3. Please check your print contingent. If the money for the print job has been taken from your printing account, the print job should have been printed off as well. If no money has been taken from your printing amount, the print job was not successful. One of our studIT advisors will help you by checking the printing queues. It also helps to wait around five minutes, because sometimes apparently all users of the LRC are printing at the same time. Then some big print jobs might extend your waiting time. We kindly ask for your understanding.
  4. If there are any further problems, please ask one of the advisors at the respective location (LRC, CIP-Pool etc.) or send an e-mail to
  5. Unfortunately only students of Göttingen University or users with external accounts do have a print contingent and are able to print at university. Users with guest accounts of the LRC SUB have the rights to have a print contingent at university as well. However, they have to transfer at least 5 € on their printing account (which are 200 b&w printed pages A4) at the chip card issue point.
  6. Sometimes the following problem arises when using Follow-Me printing: After releasing the print job with your student ID at a certain printing device it receives the data of the document (indicated by a blinking data LED), but nothing more happens. That is to say, the data LED keeps on blinking, but the machine does not print any pages. If this happens and the copying machine does not start to print within two minutes, just switch the photocopier off and on again (mechanical switch at the front or left side of the device). After that the document will be printed.

Printing problems at the computer center of the faculty of economic and social sciences (WiSo CIP-Pool)

You are a student of the faculties of economic or social sciences, but you cannot log in on one of the computers and therefore not print as well at the “WiSo CIP-Pool”?

You might not have an authorisation to use this computer center, because economic or social science is your subsidiary/ minor subject.

Please come to the chip card issue point in the main lecture hall building. There it is possible to authorise your for the “WiSo CIP-Pool”. After that you can print there as well (if you have topped up your print contingent).

printing printer problem defect does not work print job gone disappeared

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