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Connecting to a printer (in the LRC SUB and GÖNET respectively)


It might be the case that printers at the LRC SUB have not established a connection to the student account yet. That is to say, they do not appear in the list of printers available if students want to print a document.


In your start menu choose “Printers and Faxes” (“Drucker und Faxgeräte”).

You find this - depending on how you your Start Menu is arranged - either directly in the Start Menu:

or under “Settings” (“Einstellungen”):

In this new window click on “Add printers” (“Drucker hinzufügen”). In this dialogue box click on “Next” (“Weiter”) three times until a new window called “Search printer” (“Nach Druckern suchen”) appears. The upper field automatically displays the entry “student”, now click on “Search now” (“Jetzt suchen”). The lower field now displays a list of all printers available.

You can find an explanation to all according printers here. You can now install a printer by double-clicking on the printer name. After that you will be able to print out documents on this printer.


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