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Matriculation - this is how you call the enrolment at university. After matriculation all students have to collect their student ID (chip card) and their studIT account at the chip card issue point in the main lecture hall building.

For every semester your enrolment has to be extended, which is called re-registration. You will not get a new student ID, but you have to renew the imprint on your card. This will work if you pay your tuition fees and semester fees, which you can do by using the self-service functions. Usually these fees will be debited automatically from your account by direct debit. In case of need you also can transfer the money to the University of Göttingen. For further information you can have a look here.

You can find the dates and deadlines and further information concerning your re-registration here.

Please note that our advisors do not have the authority or power to sign certificates of matriculation for students who have lost their student ID or have an attrited chip card. Additionally, certificates of matriculation are not a valid replacement for your semester rail ticket.

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