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Your student ID

Please read the latest university news and updates here.
Please do also kindly note that ID cards aren't being printed on site right now. Please note the Starter-Kit of the university

As a student at Göttingen University you are obliged to get a student ID after matriculation. This chip card identifies you as a student of Göttingen University. You can get your student ID for free at the chip card office from studIT advisors in the main lecture hall building.

Your chip card serves as a library card, a semester rail ticket and a culture ticket as well. You can also use your student ID as a means of payment at university, for example when paying in the cafeteria (Mensa) or for your printing credits.

To use these functions, you can add credit to your card at one of the money transfer machines by paying cash or by debit. After topping up your card, you'll only have to place your card on a reading device at the canteen or at one of our studIT helpdesks.

In case you have lost your card...

If you have lost your card, you can first lock it to make sure that no other person will be able to top it up or pay with it. In order to lock your card, please call 0551 39 1171.

Chip cards that have been found anywhere on campus are being sent to the Office of Student Affairs. That is why you should ask for your card there if you have lost it. At the Office of Student Affairs they can also unlock your card in case you got it back.

In case your student ID could not be found, you can apply for a new chip card there as well. The opening hours of the Office of Student Affairs can be found on their website. Please bring a valid ID card or passport with you for identification.

damaged chip card

If your chip card is unreadable, broken, scratched and not usable anymore, we recommend you going to the Office of Student Affairs and get a new card there. It often is the case that you can't read the imprint on the chip card anymore. The reason for this is the rewritable TRW stripe being damaged. Unfortunately this stripe cannot be replaced, that is why you'll need a new card. Taking a walk to the Office of Student Affairs will be inevitable ;-).

Use of the chip card

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