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Self-service functions

Since 11th April 2011, the self-service functions are integrated into eCampus. You will have to login to eCampus with your user name and password. If you have received your student ID before April 2008 and have not received your university account yet, please come to the chip card office or to one of our studIT helpdesks to get your account there.

What do I need on my computer in order to use the self-service functions?

In order to use all the functions on the website, you should have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. In addition, your browser must allow pop-up windows and java-script must be activated.

Where can I find the self-service functions?

You can have access to the self-service functions either at one of the four terminals next to the chip card issue point or online on eCampus. Write your user name in lower case letters! After logging in, click on the burger menu in the top lefthand corner of the screen and on “Self-Service” and you'll immediatly have access to the following:


Payment of semester fees online by direct debit (you are re-registered automatically within seven days).

Reports: Course of study certificates:

Printout of (ex-)matriculation, retirement insurance, BAFöG, course of study certificates as well as confirmations of enrolment, which are also available in English.

Contact information:

The Registrar's Office needs your current address data to contact you in all matters concerning your studies. You can and should update your home and semester address as well as contact information such as telephone and mobile online at any time.

Please note: You still can use the self-service functions to print certificates after exmatriculation. Therefore, please keep your password after you have finished your studies!

If you have any more questions concerning the self-service functions, please see the FAQ for more information.

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