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Your account after exmatriculation

Your account including your student e-mail address is valid until 13 months after the date of exmatriculation. If you log in to eCampus the first time after you have been exmatriculated, a pop-up will ask if you want to extend or deactivate your account. If you click on “Extend”, the account including all functions will be valid for 13 months from the date of exmatriculation. After that, it will be deactivated and deleted. The use of the Learning and Study building (LSG) as well as the library account is excluded from this and is no longer possible after exmatriculation!

Therefore, we ask you to backup your student home directory as well as your emails or conversion to another email address in a timely manner. Forwarding of mails to another mailbox is no longer possible after deleting the account. A reactivation of the account after 13 months is not possible.

Note: Even after exmatriculation you can use the self-service functions (eCampus) up to 13 months to print certificates without extending. Therefore, keep your password even after finishing your studies.


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