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eduroam on Android devices

Below you will find instructions on how to connect your Android device to the WPA2 encrypted network eduroam.

You can connect to the University of Göttingen's Wi-Fi with your Android device and surf at very high data rates.

The eduroam (education roaming) network allows registered users to access the scientific network via service-compliant Wi-Fi's, i.e. the accounts also enable the use of Wi-Fi at other DFN-affiliated research institutions. The advantage here is that the Wi-Fi is encrypted (WPA2) and no additional software is required.

On some devices, when using the “eduroamCat” app, there is an error regarding the lock screen during profile installation. Even if it is set up and changed or similar, the app sometimes complains. In such cases, we advise trying the “geteduroam” app. Often, this problem does not occur with geteduroam and eduroam can be set up.

To download the app and the necessary profile for the institution, an access to the Internet is required. You can either use your mobile data connection or the unencrypted Wi-Fi “GuestOnCampus” on the university campus.


The following eduroam installation and configuration guides are available for all major Android versions. Check which version is on your android device.

eduroam for Android devices with version 8 or higher:

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