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PC Workstations: Locations

studIT provides Linux and Windows based computers at a number of different locations. Our client PCs come with a software bundle consisting programs such as (Microsoft and Open-) Office, image editing software (Photoshop or GIMP, Creative Suite on some of the PCs), and the popular web browser Mozilla Firefox.

Users can access their personal profile including individual data and bookmarks on any terminal. Additionally it is possible to install a network drive on your home computer to gain external access to your individual data saved in your personal profile.

If users have topped up their printing contingent they can also print from their homes or their private computers or laptops as well.

At most of our PC workplaces you may also use USB sticks, CDs and DVDs.

PC locations

  • central campus
    • LRC SUB
    • LRC KWZ
    • SUB ground floor
    • Anglistik
    • Blauer Turm second floor
    • Germanistik
    • Juridicum
    • Klassische Philologie
    • Klassische Philologie Parlatorium
    • Romanistik
    • Theologicum library
    • Theologicum ground floor
    • Sozio-Oeconomicum library
    • Waldweg library
    • main lecture hall building first floor
  • northern campus
    • Forst
    • Geographie library
    • Geographie foyer
  • University Medical School
    • department library of the University Medical School (LRC Med)

pc location computers

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