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"How to print..."

To explain the functionality of the printing with your student account in a lively way, we have created a short video for you. If you have any further questions concerning the printing, please do not hesitate to visit us at our helpdesks or contact us online.

:support:video_drucken_neu.mp4 700,400

A short step-by-step instruction on how to print on studIT computers

  1. log in with your student account at one of our studIT computers
  2. open the document which you want to print out
  3. send the print job by pushing crtl+P or the print-button/ menu respectively
  4. choose a printing queue (direct printing or Follow-Me queue)
  5. set your page size and the format of the document etc.
  6. start the print job
  7. confirm or reject the print job in the upcoming window
  8. when using Follow-Me printing: pick up your print job at a printing device capable to Follow-Me printing

Now you're done :).

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