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Connect to your home directory as a network drive

You can only access your home directory from a PC that is inside the universities network (for example eduroam). If you want to access your files from “outside” you'll first need to establish a VPN connection. More on that can be found at VPN

Network Drive on Windows

  1. Open a new window in File Explorer (e.g. win + E)
  2. right-click on “Network” and select “Map network drive…”
  3. in the new window choose an unoccupied drive letter and enter the following address (substituting “” with your actual student username):
  4. make sure to tick “Connect using different credentials”
  5. After clicking “Finish” enter “ug-student\” (again substituting “” with your actual student username) as the username and your student password in the new window
  6. A new window will open, showing your familiar home directory
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