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eduroam with iOS

Please read the following installation instructions compiled by GWDG here.

GoeMobile or eduroam?

With your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you can go online by using the network of Göttingen University (GoeMobile or eduroam) and surf the internet with a high data rate.

We recommend to use the encrypted wireless network eduroam. On the contrary, GoeMobile is not encrypted. Another advantage is that eduroam is used at other universities as well where you also can log into the WiFi with your student e-mail address and your password.

old discontinued version:We created a video tutorial about how to connect to eduroam with an iPhone/ iPod touch/ iPad.

You need to install a Flash Player to watch this video!


At the moment there is only one app available for students of Göttingen University, which is the "Mensa-App des Studentenwerks" where you can check the dishes of the day in all cafeterias of Göttingen University. You can download this application for free at the iTunes Store and install on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


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