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eduroam chromeos

To set up eduroam on your device, you'll have to download a specific profile from To do so, you need a internet connection (either via mobile data, a personal wifi or guestoncampus).

1. Open your browser and visit

2. Select Universität Göttingen from the list of available institutions.

3. Your chromeos version should be detected automatically. Click on download to get your profile.

4. Once your profile has been downloaded, go to your browser and enter


into the address bar.

5. Go to import onc-file (probably at the bottom of the site and select the previously downloaded profile. In this case it should be named eduroam-chromeos-Universitat_Gottingen-Universitat_Gottingen.onc.

There is no information about a successfull installation. But that's correct anyway.

6. Go to your chromebooks WiFi settings

7. Chose and connect du eduroam

8. Enter your credentials: Identity → student-email-address ( and the according password (same as ecamus etc.)

9. Now you should be connected to eduroam successfully.

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