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studIT Online Word Tutorials

Here are video tutorials for Word which you can use in everyday student life at all studIT Windows computers.

If the successive steps in the video are too fast, just press the space bar for pause/play.

Most of the videos are accompanied by sound in the introduction! If you are at an LRC or a computer CIP pool, please use headphones or switch off the sound in order to not disturb your fellow students.

These Screencasts were created in the course of a Media competence certificate at the Centre for Languages and Key Competencies by David Burger.

How to use shortcuts

:support:tutorials:shortcuts.mp4 760,427

How to use Style sheets

[700,400] [noautoPlay]

Table of contents (TOC): numbered, automatised and dymanic TOC

[700,400] [noautoPlay]

How to create a table of figures

:support:tutorials:abbildungsverzeichnis.mp4 760,427

How to create headlines and page numers in the headline

:support:tutorials:medkomp_kopfzeile_ueberschirft_finalc_40_neu.mp4 760,427

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