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Mozilla Thunderbird

Here you'll get to know how to configure Mozilla Thunderbird as your e-mail client:

You can use a mail program to receive and organize you mails which you can also check on ecampus. You can use the software “Mozilla Thunderbird” for free (open source).

In the following video you can see how to configure Mozilla Thunderbird as your mail client. In the video you can see the configuration procedure immediately after installation. You can also edit, delete or add new accounts under extras→account settings.

:support:email:thunderbird_2015.mp4 700,400

All important data in an overview:

e-mail address:
user name: ug-student\username
incoming mail server:, activate SSL! Port: 993
SMTP (outgoing mail) server:, Port: 587 (user: ug-student\username), activate STARTTLS!

mail thunderbird configure mozilla client mailprogramm

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