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Terms of use for your student e-mail address

What e-mail address should I use - student or private mail address? This question might have come to your mind quite often if you have another private mail account (for example, GXM, YAHOO etc.) and now got another one from Göttingen University. To help you we can say the following:

There are terms and conditions on how to collect and process personal data which were release by the University Senate (see § 26 below). For the full paper as PDF, please click here. There it is clearly regulated that all students at Göttingen university are obliged to get their student e-mail address and to exclusively use this address for communication with university institutions. Additionally, this regulation is valid by resolution for all students at Göttingen University.

§ 26 University Account and University E-Mail Address

(1) Every student receives a university account and a university e-mail address for the usage of IT systems for students. Allocation takes place when issuing the student card. All students have to use their university account and their university e-mail address when using IT systems for students.

(2) The university account consists of a user ID and the related password. The university e-mail address consists of On specific request the username can be changed by university. It is not possible to use a private e-mail address as university e-mail address.

(3) Whether appropriate and practicable, the university will exclusively use the student's university e-mail address for an electronic exchange of communication. For this all students have to provide access for the university.

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