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Microsoft Outlook

In the following you learn how to configure Outlook 2010 as e-mail client with your student e-mail-address.

Some apps that do not comply with current security standards are blocked by GWDG server policies. For example, the mobile Android and iOS email app Microsoft Outlook are also blocked. The access of mobile devices to the Exchange Server via ActiveSync using such apps is then not allowed. In such a case you will receive an error message, e.g. Your phone cannot be synchronized with the server via Exchange ActiveSync due to an access policy defined on the server.

All important data in an overview:
e-mail address:
user name: ug-student\firstname.lastname
incoming mail server:, Port: 993
SMTP (outgoing mail) server:, Port: 25 (user: ug-student\firstname.lastname)

Video tutorial for Outlook:

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