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Refund of print contingent for exmatriculated students

If you want to exmatriculate and still have some print contingent, you can get this money back. Please note that we only refund money which you deposited on your printing account by yourself. It is not possible to pay back print contingent received from your faculty.

After making an appointment at the chip card issue point we can transfer the money from your print account back to your student ID.

Since October 2011 you have the possibility to transfer your own printing balance to fellow students. If you want to do this, go to the homepage Now click on Transfers, type the amount and the student's account name into the field and click on Transfer. Done!

A second possibility to get back your print contingent is the following: Please come to one of our locations, most suitable to the chip card issue point. You can give us your bank information and we will pay the money on your bank account as soon as possible. Please understand that this might take a while. Please understand that this second method is only possible in case of a debit higher than 10 Euros.

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