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Free printing credit from faculty funds

At the beginning of the lecture period some faculties provide their students with a print credit financed by study quality funds. Information on print credits must be obtained directly from the faculties' dean's office of studies. These printing quotas are only valid for one semester at a time and unused credit is to be deleted from the students' print account at the beginning of the next semester. Of course, this only applies to the printing quotas of the faculties, not to printing credits paid in by the students themselves.

The free printing credits are semester-related provisions from the faculties' study quality funds and are negotiated with the student representatives in their committees. studIT has no influence on whether, how much and when free printing credits are allocated to students! We are only responsible for the technical implementation.

Since we receive lists of eligible students for the free printing credits on certain dates, it is possible that students enrolled later will not appear on these lists and therefore will not be credited. These students should contact their faculty, not studIT. studIT cannot charge printing credits from the faculties on its own initiative! We need a corresponding instruction from the faculty that an individual credit is to be transferred.

Recent free printing credit top ups

Please find the most recent list here in German.

Check your print contingent

On the following webpage you can check your print contingent:
Important: If you want to check your print contingent at home, you need to have an active connection to the VPN client first.

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