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Printing from USB

Attention: We do NOT recommend using the copiers in this way! On the one hand, only FAT32 formatted USB sticks are accepted, and the use is less intuitive than printing from your own end device. In addition, there are fewer options for cost control, as this procedure is treated by the device like copying (there is no advance cost confirmation). There are also no print options such as selected page printing. Please take a look at the instructions for printing from your own end device (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, e-mail-to-print, web print) and use these options instead.


  1. First log on to the device as usual using your student ID card
  2. Tap on “Gerätefunktionen nutzen”. English for: Use device functions
  3. Confirm (Bestätige) the account information on the device (account balance)
  4. Now insert the FAT32-formatted USB stick into the USB port of the copier
  5. Select the option “Aus externem Speicher drucken”. English for: Print from external memory
  6. Select the relevant document (preferably PDF) in the file browser
  7. Set print options (color/monochrome, duplex, etc.)
  8. Confirm print via start button
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