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Printing from your own PC (Windows)

I. Basics

StudIT offers their users the possibility to print at different printing locations. For using those services, students will have to charge their printing account with their chip card at the chip card issue point or at the LRC Med. Not only can students use the computers at the LRCs or CIP-Pools, but they can also print from their homes or their private computers or laptops as well.

Here you can find a list with all printers available at university.

II. Requirements

  • your studIT account and a computer with Windows as operating system (XP / Vista / 7)
  • internet connection
  • connection to CISCO VPN Client when using GoeMobile or a private network
  • installation of Client software for the printing system
  • credit on your printing account

CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD NEW: We have developed an app which automatically installs all programs necessary on your computer and creates an desktop icon for using the follow-me printers. After installation you only have to click the three icons in the right order: 1. activation of the VPN client 2. start Papercut 3. connect to the follow-me printers.

To download this application, just click on the little picture on the right. This executable file is compressed in an .zip folder which can be opened on all standard PCs. It also has been tested thoroughly on Windows 7 computers. It is also compatible with Windows XP, although it might be possible for problems to occur. If this is the case, we would be very happy if you could be so kind as to let us know what problems occurred. </WRAP>

Brief instruction

  1. within range of the WLAN: log in to GoeMobile or eduroam
  2. if using GoeMobile or a private network at home: connect to the VPN to receive an IP-address from university
  3. establish a connection to the printer server \\
  4. authentification: ug-student\userid
  5. choose and connect to the printer of your choice
  6. download and install Papercut Client
  7. print

Attention: You have to repeat these steps when restarting your computer (except for the installation of Papercut Client on your computer). The Papercut Client has to be active while printing (window with credit on your printing account has to be visible.

III. Installation process

1.) Log in

In order to be able to communicate with the studIT printer server you first have to establish a secure connection using the VPN Client to receive an IP-address from the university. This also works at home with your own internet connection. If you connect to eduroam you do not need to use the VPN client.

2.) Connection to the printing server

After logging into the university network you need to establish a connection to the printing server. This depends on your individual settings for Windows, because the look of your start menu may vary on the version you are using or your personal settings. Below there are three methods which are most common and should lead to the desired result:

2.1.) Standard start menu (Windows XP, Vista, 7)

When using the standard settings of Windows XP and Windows Vista your start menu has a wide shape. If you use Windows XP, click on “Run” and enter \\ into this field. Then click ok and move on to step 3 (Authentication) of the instruction.

If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can find a search field in the start menu. There please type \\ and press the enter button afterwards. Now move on to step 3 (Authentication) of the instruction.

This step establishes a connection to the printing server.

2.2.) classic Window start menu (Windows XP, Vista)

If you use the classic Windows start menu (Windows XP, Vista), you need to click on “Run” and enter \\ into this field. Then click ok and move on to step 3 (Authentication).

2.3.) keyboard shortcuts (Windows XP, Vista, 7)

When pressing the Windows key (Superkey) and R simultaneously the run dialogue opens. Enter \\ and click ok. Now move on to step 3 (Authentication). It is also possible to connect faster with all windows versions.

3.) Authentification

Now a new window should open in which you have to enter your access data so that the printer server can match the information to the one of your account correctly. Please type in the following in your browser window:

username: ug-student\firstname.lastname (or similar username) password: enter your account password

Attention: Do NOT forget to write ug-student\ in front of your username!

Then click ok to confirm your request.

4.) Choosing and adding printers

After authorizing successfully a new window opens, listing all printers available. Normally you can exclusively install and use printers of your department or public printers, for example printers at the LRC. Here you can find a list with all printers available at university.

Choose the desired printer from the list and double-click on it to start the installation of the printer on your computer. The example here shows an installation from a printer of the CIP-pool of the law department. During the installation process there will be a warning message for some printers which can be confirmed by clicking ok without hesitation. It also may happen that the installation process takes some minutes and the program seems to be crashed (no response). If so, please have a little patience. After that you can see the queue of the added printer. From this time on you can use the printer and choose it in programs, for example in Word, to print off.

Important: You can only connect to the Printer as long as there is an established connection to the VPN. If you log out or reboot your computer, your settings are being resetted. Even if you still can see the printer in your list, you have to reconnect as described in the steps above.

Please note: After a certain time print jobs are being disposed. Every user should ask the advisors at the location for further information or read the announcements near the printers respectively.

5.) Installation of Client-Software

Since October 2011 you need a special Client software to be able to use the printers. This software is also installed on all computers at the CIP-pools and the LRCs. After sending a print job this program pops up with a control message which shows the costs of it. After confirming this message the print job will actually be printed. Additionally your printing credit will be displayed as well.

The Client-Software has to be installed just once and supports the operating systems Windows (XP, Vista, 7) as well as Linux and MacOS X.

After authenticate successfully (see steps 1-3) you can see a shared folder called “Install” next to the printers. There you can find the folder “Client_Nutzer” which contains the Client program.
(The name of the path is \\\Install\Client_Nutzer.)
User of windows can start the program “win-selbstinstallierend.exe” which installs the client on the computer.

After opening “win-selbstinstallierend.exe” a window with an extraction progress bar should pop up.

The Installation should not take long. After that the following window opens:

After clicking on “Next” you will be lead to the licence agreement. Choose “I agree” and after that click on “Next”.

Now you can choose where you want to save the program. It is most reasonable to save it at “C:\Programme\PaperCut MF Client”. Please ensure that there are at least 87,8 MB space available.

Please choose “local Installation (all users)”, because with this every user, who wants to print with this computer, is able to use the program.

Now you can start the installation process by clicking on “Install”. Please ensure that you chose all options correctly.

Now the client should start the intallation process. You should see this window:

After finishing the Installation please tick “Client starten und Identität verifizieren (Empfohlen)”, then click on “Continue” so that a new window pops up.

Now log in with your student account (this time WITHOUT ug-student\ at the front).

After logging in successfully you should now see a popup window on your desktop which displays your printing credit.

Opening without installation

If you do not want to install the Windows-Client or if it is not possible, you also can start the program “pc-client.exe” in the folder “win” directly. Then the program remains active until you reboot your system. In doing so, the Windows-Client is not being installed.

For using the Client on Linux or MacOS you need to download and unpack the correspondingly zip-archive.

Advice for easy usage

If you connect to the network drive in step 3 (Authentication) you can save your connection data for the future.
Important: Please do not forget to type the domain ug-student\ in front of your username!

After that it is possible to create a shortcut by right-clicking on the printer and dragging and dropping it on the desktop.

You can also create a shortcut of the VPN client (only important if you want to print outside the university network, that is to say at home or if you are connected to the unencrypted network GoeMobile) and the Papercut client on your desktop.

In doing so, after a rebooting your computer you only have to click the three shortcuts in the right order (as shown in the picture) and you have established a connection to the printer.

Then you only have to insert your username and your password when establishing a connection to the VPN client since this program does not save your password.

Possible problems, solutions, partners

If your document was not printed off, please check the following points:

  • Did I chose the right printer at the right location?
  • Is there still an active connection to the VPN client?
  • Do I have credit on my printing account?

Should there still be any problems or questions, please feel free to ask one of our advisors at our helpdesks.

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