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Create categories

step 1:

Login at the administration page of the blog:

step 2:

At the menu item “Artikel” (“article”), click on “Kategorie” (“category”).

step 3:

Insert the name and slug (the url-version of the name) of the category. Under “Übergeordnet” (“superior”), choose whether you want to create a main category (choose “Keine” (“none”) as superior category) or a sub-category (choose the respective main category).

step 4:

Save settings by clicking on “Neue Kategorie erstellen” (“create new category”).

Please note: As a rule all categories are listed in alphabetical order. At the menu item “Artikel”–> “Kat.-Reihenfolge” (“article”–> “order of categories”) you are able to change the order of the existing categories.

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