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Upload your own profile picture

If you decide to use the standard theme you will be able to upload an own profile picture.

step 1:

Login at the administration page of the blog:

step 2:

At the menu item “Headers”, click on “Add New File”.

step 3:

Click on “Datei auswählen” (“choose file”), choose the photo you would like to use and confirm by clicking on “Upload”.

step 4:

Switch to the menu item “Settings” and choose the uploaded photo.

Please note:

To be displayed correctly, the photo should have the size 260×120. You can download a template here. Positioning the background-transparent profile picture in the middle of the template creates a very nice effect. If you have any problems while editing your profile picture, you can also send the image to for editing. We will try to respond to these kinds of requests as quick as possible.

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