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Student services organisation (Studentenwerk)

The student services organisation (Studentenwerk) is a foundation under public law and does therefore not belong to university as far as administrative matters are concerned. The student services organisation takes care of economical, social, cultural and health matters of students according to the Rules and Regulations for universities in the State of Lower Saxony (NHG). The organisation is related to studIT, because we use their cash system as well as the payment function of the chip card. If you should encounter any problems with this, for example there are problems concerning direct debiting or you have your card blocked, the student services organisation will be the right place to contact.

Problems with the chip card and contact partners

If students are not able to use the payment function of their student ID anymore, this is mostly because the student services organisation has blocked the card due to an insufficiently funded debit of a financial institution. It is only the student services organisation who can unblock your card again. For doing this, just go to the chip card point (“Infobox”) of the student services organisation on the right hand side at the entrance of the main cafeteria. There you can also buy guest cards for paying at the cafeteria.

If you have lost your student ID and still had balance on that card, and then got a new card at the Office of Student Affairs, you also have to go to the chip card point at the main cafeteria to transfer the credit.

  • opening hours of the “Infobox”: Monday-Thursday 9 am - 4 pm, Friday 9 am - 3 pm.
  • phone number: (0551) 39-5174

Since the infobox in the central cafeteria is currently closed, please send an email to sekretariat[at]

If you need more information about paying without cash with your student ID, about the locations of the charging machines and much more, go to the homepage of the Student services organization.

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