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International student ID (ISIC)

With the ISIC (international student ID) you can benefit from a lot of discounts in more than 100 countries. If you want to have an ISIC, please refer to the following locations:

The price for the international student ID is 12 Euros. Please bring a recent passport photograph, your identity card as well as your chip card to get your international student ID.

Another way to get the ISIC is to apply for it online. Click here to get more information about the ISIC.

German-French Social Security ID Card

With the German-French Social Security ID Card German students up to the age of 35 can benefit from a lot of discounts in France, for example inexpensive refectory food at the “restaurants universitaires”, overnight accommodation at French halls of residence at reasonable prices during the semester break or the use of other social services of French student services organisations with the rates for French students. The German-French Social Security ID Card is 2.20 Euros. You can get your card at the social services of the student services organization.

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