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Stud.IP is an open source project to support classroom teaching at universities, colleges and other educational institutions. The system was developed at the ZiM (“Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Medienwissenschaft”, center for interdisciplinary Media science) at Göttingen University with the help of Suchi & Berg GmbH, Göttingen.

Stud.IP is a platform for the organization and support of (university) courses. A lot lectures and seminars do have their own webpage in this learning management system. On this platform students are able to download and exchange material or discuss study contents online.

Access to Stud.IP

For students at Göttingen University: It is not necessary anymore to register separately on Stud.IP. Just use your account for registering. If you log in on Stud.IP for the first time, a Stud.IP account will be generated automatically. Please note that you cannot log in with your matriculation number on Stud.IP, but with your student account. We recommend to use Stud.IP on eCampus.

For students being matriculated before April 2008: You get your new student user ID with you chip card. If you do not have a student/university account, you will have to get it at the chip card issue point in the main lecture hall building or at one of our locations. After that, log in on Stud.IP with your old Stud.IP account and enter your account name at “Use student ID for Stud.IP” (“Studentische Nutzerkennung für Stud.IP nutzen”). Now you can log in on Stud.IP with your student user ID.

What happens if I already have an old Stud.IP account?

Stud.IP accounts, which are not based on regular student accounts (after April 2008) will have a guest status and will not allow access to admission-restricted courses. They remain unaffected by a registration with a student account. Please do not register with your new student account before you have changed your status from “guest status” to “student status” on Stud.IP! If you want to enrole in one of the admission-restricted courses, you'll have to have a new, regular student account which you can receive from studIT advisors at their helpdesks. Change your guest status as follows: Log in with your old account. On the home page click “Use student account for Stud.IP” (“Studentische Nutzerkennung für Stud.IP nutzen”). After inserting your new account data you can log in with your new student account any time after this process.

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