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Login problems

A common problem our advisors face sometimes is users not being able to log in to their accounts. Most of the times, students forgot their passwords, typed something wrong or something else does not work. If this is the case, please ask one of our advisors for help at one of our locations.

In many cases it is sufficient to reset the password or a user's profile to make everything run smoothly again. It is only possible to reset the password after we have checked your identity, so please do not forget to bring your (student) ID!

For security reasons, we are not able to send any passwords via E-mail! You will have to come to one of our helpdesks! If you are not able to do that (since you might not be in Göttingen at the time), you can contact the Infoline, as described on our password page

Known causes of login trouble

  • most commonly you have misspelled your password, or ACTIVATED CAPSLOCK
  • you have received a new studend ID as well as a new password. Of course you will need to use the new one. Note: If you set up eduroam on your phone, tablet or computer before, you will need to reinstall it with the new password. Otherwise your account may be locked because of too many login attempts
  • there was an issue synchronising your password through our systems. If you still can access eCampus you can change your password yourself and re-trigger the synchronisation process, as described on our password page. If your unable to log into eCampus, we can change your password for you. inhales As described on our password page
  • there is an issue with your home directory (either too full or erroneous)

account problem login logging in

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