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-======= ​Wireless-LAN "​Goemobile" ​======= +======= ​Wi-Fi networks ​=======
-{{  :​support:​notebookws1.jpg?​245}}+
-The GWDG provides ​the network infrastructure for the University ​of Göttingen, the Max-Planck-Institute and partly ​also for other scientific institutes in and around Göttingen. This includes the wireless ​LAN [[en:​support:​wlan:​goemobile|GoeMobile]]which is integrated into the main network infrastructure. It provides ​mobile users with internet access in many locations and can also be used for lectures and conferences.+The GWDG provides ​network infrastructure for Göttingen ​University, the Max-Planck-Institute and partly for other scientific institutes in and around Göttingen ​as well. This includes the wireless ​network ​[[en:​support:​wlan:​eduroam|eduroam]] which provides internet access ​for mobile users in many locations and can also be used for lectures and conferences.
-You can find all information you need concerning ​GoeMobile ​on the following pages:+You can find all information you'​ll ​need concerning ​wireless networks at university ​on the following pages:
-<WRAP info 90% left> +<WRAP info 100% left> 
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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