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-======= Software on studIT computers ======= 
-{{  :​support:​rechnerstandorte:​200px-tux.svg.png|}}StudIT computers for students are Linux based systems. The user interface is very similar to the Windows interface. A variety of Open Source Programmes are installed already. ​ 
-A lot of the programmes are part of the desktop environment [[http://​​|KDE]],​ but there are also other programmes available by [[http://​​|Gnome]] and [[http://​​|Xfce]]. The names of the desktop environments are linked to the pages of the projects, for example the [[http://​​|KDE Education Project]]. ​ 
-The web pages are organised just like the programme menu under the standard surface. There you can find a quick overview and summary of the respective programme. If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our PCs or programmes, just write us an e-mail or talk to one of our friendly advisors. ​ 
-<WRAP info 90% left> 
-{{tag>​software programm programme linux studIT pc pcs DINO DXS KDE suse unix}} 
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