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studIT computers: Linux based Diskless Stations

Change of the studIT computers to our new DINO-System

dinolila.jpg In the course of providing new studIT PCs and the expansion of our locations we also install operating system updates from the 26.05.2011 onwards on all Linux-based computers of studIT. For students nothing changes really. You still log in with your student account to use all functions of the computer. We only worked on some improvements concerning the system. That is to say, you can now use more programs and the system runs more stably.

We kindly call our system DINO, because all computers are so-called Diskless Stations, which…but this leads too far. However, have fun using our new systems! In case of a problem please do not hesitate to contact us as your point of contact: Call (0551) 39 12345 or write an email to .

Please do not forget to add the location of the computer, date and time of the error and (in the best case) the number of the computer (written on a sticker) in your mail. This information helps us a lot to solve the problem as soon as possible. Of course you also can come to one of our help desks to tell us your problem!

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